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Android Data Recovery – What’s Your Best Move?

Android Data Recovery – What’s Your Best Move?

Ask someone which one piece of tech they use on a regular basis and you will probably be told that it’s their smartphone. The smartphone has replaced so many extra pieces of technology by wrapping it all into one device that it pretty much is the only thing a lot of people need to get through their day. Calculator? Your phone has that. Music player? Video player? Books? Your smartphone has those things too. Even Nintendo is looking at launching their next series of games for the smartphone in order to recoup some lost revenue.

keep-android-data-safeOf course there’s a downfall to having everything on your phone. What if you lose it? There goes all your information. What if you drop it and crack the screen so badly it doesn’t respond to your touch? Before you get consumed by a panic attack you should know that it’ll be okay. You can recover the data, the emails, the photos from your phone if you have the proper software. In the essence of prevention, you should probably look at getting some of this software before your phone ends up unusable.

One of the best recovery apps that you can download for Android is the, wait for it, Android Data Recovery app. You can have this app on your Windows computer or your Mac and it’ll help scan your phone for lost data that you can recover:

To recover deleted files on Android, first your need to download and install the Android Data recovery. You can download the file as per your system. It supports Windows and Mac based devices.
For Windows users: http://www.bestandroiddatarecovery.com/download/android-data-recovery.exe
For Mac users: http://www.bestandroiddatarecovery.com/download/mac-android-data-recovery.dmg
Once you download the Android Data recovery, install the software and launch it. After that connect your Android smartphone and wait for the software to detect the device. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging.
This Android File Recovery can easily scan your Android phones and SD cards to find the deleted text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages and other document files from Android phones. You can use it to get back the deleted files from Android easily. So next time you lose or accidentally deleted files from Android phone, download and try this data recovery for Android to help you restore deleted files from Android.

Via: http://maktechblog.com/recover-deleted-files-android/

The article itself will give you simple step-by-step instructions complete with screenshots so you can make sure you’re doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing. Of course, if you have an Android based Chromebook, you may want to see this service: http://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/laptop-data-recovery/

Hopefully this has highlighted the importance of backing up your information and no deleting files willy-nilly. As you come to rely on your phone for everything you want to make sure that the information is protected and that you don’t have to stress about deleting some photos or files to make room for that new Super Mario game that you really wanted to play.

Even if you decide that you don’t want to go with this particular app, doing a quick search in the Play Store will reveal several different options, often for free. Make sure you read the reviews and select the app that is going to work the best for you and your data.
Don’t leave yourself in a precarious position where the ‘droid has eaten all your precious data. Recovery is simple and backing up your files is even simpler.