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Choosing the E-Reader for You

Choosing the E-Reader for You

With most of us having so much time for work and play because of lessened commute time, we may find ourselves developing a hobby. Some of us have taken refuge in that almighty app called Netflix, where we pass hours in a day finishing full TV series or movie franchises. There are also people subscribing to hours of online fitness classes to shake off lethargy and make sure their fitness gains pre-COVID are kept and maintained. There are those who keep on enrolling in online classes to upskill and use this time to make themselves more marketable in the job market. Then, finally, there are those who go back to an old habit, like writing in a notebook, cooking, or reading. If you are one of those people who missed reading because you didn’t have a lot of time during your work week to indulge in the written word, this pandemic may be giving you more time to go back and read as much as you want, from fiction to biographies, from crime thrillers to sci-fi and fantasy.

One thing you may be thinking of when wanting to read is how to get books when going to the library is not really an option and buying books isn’t that smart when you don’t have the space to put all these books. That’s where e-books and e-readers come in handy. With everything in electronic files, you can indulge in your reading habit without having to think about the space your books will take up and without having to leave your place. E-readers have come a long way, though and there will be things to look for when you are about to secure one for yourself. Should you go for a Kindle? A Kobo? A Nook? Or should you just go ahead and download an e-reader app on your tablet or phone and use your device as your e-reader? There are pros and cons to that, so do weigh your options.

Consider the screen type

You need to obviously consider the screen of your e-reader because you will be staring at that screen for as long as you are reading. Screens of tablets and phones are not really effective in reducing glare and will therefore strain your eyes even if you are just looking at it for a short time. E-readers employ e-ink and other technologies that do not really give off a lot of light, so you can comfortably read from it even for long periods.

Traditionally, eBook readers have been equipped with two kinds of screens: LCD displays and eInk. Depending on your needs and wants, choosing a reader with one or another is a principal decision as the type of a display determines essential things about your eBook reader.

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Consider its size

Considering you are at home most of the time, having handy and light gadgets may not really be a priority at this time. However, considering that you want to be comfortable while you read, you would need to consider if you can hold your e-book reader in one hand like how you hold a paperback book because a clunky gadget can make your reading experience more of a hassle.

You shouldn’t have to strain your eyes to read a book on a digital screen. Our picks all have a six-inch (or larger) display, so the reading experience will be similar to holding a paperback. E-readers let you adjust your book’s text size to your level of comfort, but screen size still counts.

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Consider its battery life

In comparison to most other gadgets, you will discover that e-book readers are quite energy efficient. They do not even joke when they claim that a single charge will last most e-readers weeks, with Wi-Fi turned off. But then, don’t forget to check on this because there’s nothing worse for a reader than to be interrupted in the middle of reading a juicy book because the e-reader has juiced out. And there are also ways of extending the battery life of these hardworking gadgets.

Turn down the frontlight. Frontlights are the best thing to happen to ereaders since Amazon launched the original Kindle with free 3G, but you would be surprised by just how much of an impact they have on battery life. I was recently reading on Kobo’s original 6.8” ereader with the frontlight turned almost off, and that thing actually lasted through 4 ebooks before I had to recharge it.

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Most if not all e-readers are also equipped to display various documents, particularly those in the PDF format. But then, you can’t view them on your e-reader if you’ve lost them, right? We can help you recover those missing files. Read on to know more about our services: https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/mac-data-recovery.