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Why Digital Decluttering Can Do Wonders For Your Devices

Why Digital Decluttering Can Do Wonders For Your Devices

Digital decluttering is important. It’s as important as decluttering your physical space. Holding on to all those unused apps, nonsense emails, redundant photos, useless files will just slow down your devices. At some point, digital decluttering is what you have to do to save your devices like smartphone, computer, and tablet.

The first thing you want to do, is delete anything you don’t need on your phone. Like the 10 pictures you got of the same image, delete the extras. Or the applications you never use, get rid of those. It is the same with your computer, but with this, there may be programs you are unaware of that take up space like a temporary start-up program. On a Windows computer, you can run a disk clean-up to get rid of files that are no longer of any use. It’s always good to have some sort of an external hard drive or pay for a subscription to a cloud storage service.

(Via: https://whotv.com/2019/02/25/digital-decluttering-to-speed-up-your-devices/)

You probably have a thousand and one photos in the gallery of your smartphone and those are just the ones you took with your camera. You haven’t even counted the Viber images and videos. Add to that the many downloads and screenshots you never bother to trash. Now, that’s a lot of stuff in your smartphone.

The same thing with your computer. You probably have a million files in it. That’s why it’s time for some serious digital decluttering.

“There are like I-cloud, for example with iPhones, Google Drive has a bunch of popular services that allow you to save that stuff directly onto the internet essentially, which is good because it’s cheaper to go about having it stored online most of the time it’s like a monthly subscription rather than the part itself.”

(Via: https://whotv.com/2019/02/25/digital-decluttering-to-speed-up-your-devices/)

Online backup is not bad at all. It’s actually very convenient. The best thing about it is that it’s very easy to access files. Since all your files are backed up online, you can access your files from any computer or smartphone. All you need is a secure internet to access all your files.

You can choose a backup service that automatically transfers all your files online. You won’t even have to think about it because once your computer or smartphone is connected to the internet, your files are automatically transmitted. The thing you need to remember about some online backup services is that it does not really declutter your computer or smartphone. Basically, it just backs up everything on your computer or smartphone. It doesn’t really clean it up. You would have to keep all your files on your computer for them to be backed up online.

That’s the advantage of using external hard drives. Once you’ve backed up your files to an external hard drive, you can start decluttering your computer and smartphone. You can delete as many files since they’ve all been backed up already.

External Hard drives are around $100. And depending how much space you need; the online storage subscriptions range from $5 to $25.

(Via: https://whotv.com/2019/02/25/digital-decluttering-to-speed-up-your-devices/)

It might seem that external hard drives are a lot more expensive than online storage subscriptions. Well, probably at a glance but if you think about it, external hard drives only require a one-time payment. A monthly subscription for one year is definitely going to cost more than just the one-time payment of a regular hard drive.

So, when it comes to digital decluttering, it’s more practical to use external hard drives. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your files are safe in an external hard drive. You just can’t skip the fact that your files can get corrupted in an external hard drive. To avoid that, take a look at useful tips here: https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/ssd-data-recovery/. Digital decluttering is, no doubt, necessary to keep your devices running smoothly. When your devices run smoothly, your data are safe. To learn more about data protection, read https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/is-your-data-safe/.