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Ever Heard Of Blockchain Smartphones?

Ever Heard Of Blockchain Smartphones?

Smartphones have long since established itself as a staple in human life. You simply can’t live without it. Back then people only need it to call and text someone but it has evolved to become a really handy device that allows you to do multiple tasks all at the same time. It is like a mini computer with all the features it has while at the same time offer you comfort and convenience since it fits the palm of your hand and fit perfectly inside your pocket.

Smartphones right now look sleek and really classy and got its specifications improved as manufacturers continue to release upgraded models. Whether it be iOS or an Android phone, life surely has become so much exciting. The existence of smartphones has wiped out the word boredom out of most people’s vocabulary. However, as smartphones continue to improve, there are also other aspects of technology that takes the great leap without the majority really knowing and that includes the continued rise and popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin. And now, we’ve reached a point where some brilliant minds managed to fuse the smartphone technology with that of blockchains.

After months of speculation, Taiwanese electronics company Huawei Technologies Ltd. (HTC) has confirmed it will be releasing a blockchain-enabled smartphone this year that will allow users to securely store cryptocurrency offline and act as a compute node in a blockchain network.

“We want to double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin,” HTC said in its marketing material for the device. The new smartphone is expected to be able to work with multiple blockchain protocols allowing for interoperability between them.

In addition, the HTC Exodus blockchain-enabled smartphone will allow owners to play CryptoKitties, a decentralized app (Dapp) game. Dapps are applications that run across multiple nodes on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

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There are plenty of people who are now into Bitcoin mining, for instance, and the arrival of a blockchain-enabled smartphone will make it even easier for these individuals to manage whatever alternative currencies they have. It’s a little complicated for the majority of the public who are still clueless as to how cryptocurrency work but this is a big help to those already involved in this industry and HTC is set to conquer this burgeoning market with news of this smartphone’s release within the quarter.

The Finney phone – named after the late bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney – follows the $16,000 Solarin smartphone by Sirin Labs, which was geared towards ultra-wealthy individuals. In contrast to its predecessor, the new device aims to reach as wide an audience as possible with a more modest price tag of $1,000.

It is unique both in terms of its software and hardware, having ditched the monolithic slab design adopted by most modern-day smartphone manufacturers. A twist to this ubiquitous design means the introduction of a hidden screen that slides up from behind the Finney’s main display to reveal a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet.

(Via: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/finney-blockchain-smartphone-sirin-labs-cryptocurrency-a8442076.html)

HTC may have already set a name for itself in the tech world but an Israeli startup has already done their part to enjoy their share of this big pie. Cryptocurrency is a novel concept but many are already into it and started investing big chunks of cash for this. These smartphones that can be synced with your cryptocurrency wallet are usually expensive but this time around, they are priced relatively similar to popular smartphones like iPhones and the S-series of Samsung. The big difference is that these smartphones are cryptocurrency-enabled and understands very well how this new currency system and market works. The hardware itself looks unique with its hidden screen that shows your wallet.

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