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Finding The Best Free PC cleaner

Finding The Best Free PC cleaner

If you’re the type of laptop user who is quite particular about the cleanliness of your device both outside and inside, you would definitely be familiar with PC or computer “cleaners.” These programs are supposed to allow you to get rid of unnecessary files, documents, or programs that take up too much space or worse, compromise the security of your laptop. And in your search of these cleaners that you intend to use on your laptop, you naturally would hope to come across free versions that would clean your laptop without you having to spend a fortune. Unfortunately, what you will find are many of these computer cleaners, but none of them free.

A majority of these PC or registry cleaning programs will allow you to download the program, all right, but as soon as you’ve finished installing them, you will be required to pay so that you can actually use their cleaning services. This ‘bait and switch’ tactic is common among these PC cleaner producers, although fortunately, there are several good tools that not only promise, but actually provide you with cleaning services to rid your device of unnecessary files that take up space and may even harm your laptop.

So, where can you get these free cleaners?
There are companies that allow you to download their programs for free but later will ask you to pay once you will start using their product. There are also those that will give you a trial period that may range from 7 to 90 days, allowing you to use their PC cleaner for that limited time, after which you will need to pay should you want to continue using their service. Also, there are companies that provide free versions of their software at the onset, but those versions have very limited functionalities that do not really benefit you. So, if you are really keen on using only free products, you need to scrutinize their fine print before downloading. You need to make sure that you are not going to use trialware, for-pay versions, shareware, or those that need a product key that you will obviously pay for.

You must check if there are any hidden costs. Some tools offer a paid version as well as a free version. You should also check reviews for positive as well as negative reactions by the users. Check the features that the tool is offering for free. This will help you understand if the tool is worthwhile and suitable to your needs.
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Do you really need a PC or registry cleaner in the first place?
In the mid-2000s to mid-2010s, many programs were actually registry cleaners, true to their function of cleaning only your device’s registry to free up some space on your laptop. Later, these registry cleaners evolved into PC cleaners, with them getting more features. So, these days, features like clearing your browser history, erasing your saved passwords, deleting temporary files, and assessing programs and files that take too much hard drive space are already included as functions of PC cleaners.

Perhaps, 10 years ago it made sense using the cleaners due to the reasons listed above. But at present they don’t perform miracles any more, because hardware, storage, system, and software capacities have stepped far forward. So freeing up space on HDD will unlikely make a system work faster.
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A final note on these free PC and registry cleaners
By the way, a majority of these “free” programs will still perform a final bait and switch on you, because they will allow you to perform scans on unnecessary or troublesome files, alright, but in the ned, when it is time for them to clean or get rid of these files from your system, they may ask for your credit card number. So, yes, in the end, you may still pay when it comes to these programs ultimately cleaning your system. Som you might actually want to just manually go through your files and erase the unnecessary ones and invest in effective antivirus programs instead of these PC cleaners.

There are many free antiviruses available, but most of them lack comprehensive malware and internet security protections. But many top antiviruses come at affordable prices, and they all come with money-back guarantees, so you can purchase the product, check/clean your device, and then return the product before the money-back guarantee is over.
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