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Get Your Apps to Help You Sleep

Get Your Apps to Help You Sleep

So many of us use our smartphones as alarm clocks, helping us wake up and get out of bed every single morning. But then, are most of us even aware that we can also use our trusty devices to get us more shuteye? App stores are filled to the brim with apps that are ready with sounds and music to lull us to sleep. Some even have timers so that they don’t have to be operated the entire time. Let’s have a look at these apps are and see how they can help us get that much-needed 8 hours of sleep.


The app Calm not only is effective when it comes to making its users sleep, as it also includes other subjects such as meditation and mindfulness. For those who want the app to do what it does best, it also contains a series of “sleep stories,” which is a sort of throwback for adults since it resembles night time stories they enjoyed as kids with their parents reading to them. These stories have been reviewed as effective in easing you gently into slumberville. There are some free stories, although more are included in a subscription for $13 monthly (although they are also free for a trial period). The stories are usually around 25 minutes, and it is hoped that before the story ends, you’re already off to dreamland.

Calm has also partnered with famous athletes to take their features and content a notch higher.

To that end, future Hall of Famer and current Los Angeles Laker forward, LeBron James, has partnered with meditation and sleep app Calm to shine on a light on mental fitness and the important role it plays in a successful athletic career, especially when a player has passed their prime and may need to rely on tools other than their athletic abilities.

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Pzizz has available sleep and focus sounds that aim to put users to sleep. These sounds are custom mixed, so you can have voiceovers, music, or other sounds. Initially available through a free trial, users who want to continue will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.

Pzizz uses psychoacoustics (a.k.a., the psychological affects of sound) to treat insomnia.

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Sleep Sounds

What users like about Sleep Sounds is that is very straightforward and simple, and as its name suggests, it is singular and focused on sleep. Available in the app are general sounds that can make you fall asleep, such as a creek or a cozy crackling fire, or you also have the option of creating your own mixes that can contain everything from instrumental guitar to rain calmly falling on the ground. As of the moment, the app is only available on Android, and for a $1 monthly, ads appearing on the app’s interface will be removed.

Sleep Sounds does exactly what it says. The app features high-quality, soothing sounds for better, uninterrupted sleep. Pick from 12 customizable nature sounds, and choose your timer duration so the app turns off automatically after you’ve drifted off.

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Now you might wonder, why is the world’s arguably most popular music streaming app on this list of most effective sleep apps? What makes Spotify great is that it has everything, including music playlists based on the most common activities of its users. Obviously, Spotify users sleep, so all you have to do is type in “sleep” on the app’s search function and you will be given a long (an understatement, really) list of curated playlists containing music you can drift off to.

Although it’s no mystery that it helps with relaxation, listening to soft music to fall asleep helps calm the mind. The genre depends on the person, but a comfortable lo-fi beat or a smooth jazz is sure to get you cozy and ready for bed. If making your own playlist seems daunting, Spotify offers various playlists for every music taste. My favorites are “Calming Acoustic,” “Deep Sleep” and “Baby Sleep.”

(Via: https://emorywheel.com/sync-with-your-circadian-rhythm/)


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