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Getting Your Cloud Knowledge On This Lockdown

Getting Your Cloud Knowledge On This Lockdown

Since a majority of us are working from home these days and so many pundits are claiming that office work will never be the same again (or at least in the near future), cloud services have become an integral part of the “new normal.” With physical offices becoming passé, cloud storage has become the most suitable option for keeping data. Just months ago, storing data and online files for companies would automatically mean physical devices and in-house servers. But with offices currently located in the living room of a supervisor and a kitchen of a secretary, cloud servers have become a must for storage for various reasons. Accessibility and affordability are just some of the reasons why anyone should be knowledgeable about cloud drives.

For one, online document storage using a cloud is super user-friendly. All you need to do is drag and drop the files in the cloud storage and voila, your document has been “saved” or “uploaded”. You can now access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a device. You can also share your document with your colleagues and teammates by simply giving those you want to have access to the document a link. They can then download the file from their end, thanks to the link you shared. Of course, another benefit of cloud storage is that your files will not be compromised if your gadgets or devices get damaged. Afraid of losing all your beach photos because your phone got wet? Are you in panic mode because you dropped your laptop day before an important meeting? Not to worry if you have tweaked your settings to automatically save everything on a cloud.

Let’s have a look at your options available for the best cloud storage and which expert users constantly recommend:

Microsoft OneDrive

While Google seems to always edge out Microsoft in terms of innovation with online products, the latter can boast of holding its own when it comes to cloud storage solutions. One huge advantage Microsoft OneDrive has over Google or any competition in this field is its seamlessness with other products in the MS Office suite, So, if you are a heavy Excel, Word, or PowerPoint user, then OneDrive is your best cloud storage option.

If you’re more interested in integrating online storage with Microsoft Office then OneDrive is the way to go.

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Google One/Drive

The fact that so many people are on Gmail would be Google One/Drive’s main selling point. You can easily save attachments and everything you receive on your Gmail on your drive. Any attachments coming from you are also automatically saved on your Google Drive. How’s that for convenience? Moreover, Google is still rolling out some new features, assuring you and millions of its users that it is still on an innovation hot streak.

Google is rolling out a new “Privacy Screen” feature this week that will allow Google Drive users on iOS devices to use passcodes or biometric authentication to protect their files.

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Aside from Microsoft and Google, one early player in the cloud storage game is Dropbox. Because it is one of the earliest in the market, many users have grown loyal to the product. Moreover, since Dropbox’s product offerings mainly focus only on cloud storage, people who want a no-frills, easy to use product with fewer bells and whistles prefer Dropbox.

Dropbox, a pioneer among cloud storage and syncing services offers synced desktop folders for anywhere-access. Though comparatively pricey, unique tools like its Paper and Showcase features distinguish the service.

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Apple = iCloud?

Of course, the cult of Apple users also needs to have a say with cloud storage. After all, the company has its own iCloud product that boasts of seamless integration with the company’s gadgets. But then, as with its other products, the iCloud is constantly seen as having great form but not as great when it comes to features and benefits.

Because it integrates so seamlessly with all of Apple’s products and services, iCloud really is the best cloud storage solution for someone who is all-in with Apple. And I do mean all-in: All your computers are Macs, your mobile devices are iPhone or iPads, you work in Apple’s productivity software (Pages, Numbers, Notes), and so on.

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