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Hard Drive Data Recovery For Mac, Laptops And PC Drives

Hard Drive Data Recovery For Mac, Laptops And PC Drives

Confused? Don’t be. You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re visiting this site, you undoubtedly know that your hard disk is easily the most important part of your personal computer or a laptop. It is the heart of your machine, where all your precious data is stored. What few people recognize until they lose their drive is just how valuable their data to them. Meanwhile, we must all face the fact that hard drives are simply not built to stand the test of time. In fact, most of today’s hard drive lifespans are under five years. So, when you are using a drive that has been in your computer for three years, you have to expect that it can end up dying out.

We at Hard Drive Recovery Associates will admit to being somewhat pessimistic when it comes to the robustness of hard drive architecture. After all, our business is to recover data from drive that often have failed inexplicably.

But what about your lost data? You probably find yourself at this website with one question in mind: “Is there any way to bring my data back from what appears to be a dead hard drive?”

This question may trouble you a little bit, but the ultimate answer is YES! There are several methods to retrieve your lost data from a dead hard drive, and it your hard drive is not actually physically damaged, you may be able to perform the full on hard drive data recovery operation yourself.

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Your Next Step
The first thing you’ll need to do is to troubleshoot so that you can make sure of what made your hard disc stop working in the first place. Hard drives are complicated devices. Besides intricate circuit boards, most platters sell hard drives feature a lot of moving parts. As a result, if you have a physical hard disk problem, you are taking a big risk if you attempt to repair the drive yourself. Certainly, if your data is very important to you, you do not want to attempt to be what we call a data recovery hero.

The Actions Of A Data Recovery Hero

Keep the Data Recovery Hero away from your drive!

The “Data Recovery Hero” has no fear. He knows very little about hard drive architecture, but assume that because he is very good with fixing other electronic devices, he will easily be able to restore it is hard drive with the help of only his wits and a set of screwdrivers.

He may do a lot of research into how to repair hard drives on the Internet, and assume that all he needs to do is purchase an exact copy of his current PCB board, and replace it. Then, his drive will be back in mint condition and everything will be great again.

Or, he may assume that if he just opens the hard disk case, he will be able to be easily diagnose the problem and perhaps with a couple of turned screws and some other minor adjustments, everything will be back to normal and is business files will be all intact.
Finally, our Data Recovery Hero may just assume that if he can just download a cheap data recovery software product from a website that he has never been to before, all his data will be recovered with a couple clicks of his mouse. Yes, it will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple of hundred dollars, and yes, there are no guarantees, but it may be worth a shot.

Don’t be a Data Recovery Hero. Contact a professional right away.

About Data Recovery
Physical hard drive data recovery involves various techniques to recover data from damaged, corrupted or failed media when it is not possible to retrieve the data normally. Hard drive recovery companies invest a lot of time and money into both equipment and expertise to ensure that they perform to the highest quality standards. This is why computer repair shops rarely perform data recovery – the task is just simply over their head.

The Process
The overall process is very systematic. The drive is typically dismantled in a clean room environment and the parts are separated. Typically, data it is imaged on the disk platters before anything is done to the drive. However, different companies use different methods. We just happen to use a method that has enabled us to recover 95% of drives we deal with.

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Hard Drive Recognized
Most computer users know how important hard drives are to their computing needs. Regardless if a hard drive is used for personal or for business-related purposes, hard drives are recognized worldwide for their usefulness in storing and securing information. Unfortunately, they are not always recognized by your computer system. If you encounter this problem, don’t stress yourself out, as there are means in which your hard drive can be recognized.

The Number One Question
First, why is your hard drive not recognized? One common reason why a hard drive is not recognized is due to the fact that is suffering from operating system issues such a corrupt files or boot documents.
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Experience To Help
One of the most interesting facts about Hard Drive Recovery Associates is that over 20% of our phone calls involve simple technical support. Although many of our competitors may not offer this, we have offered what amounts to free technical support to all of our prospective clients starting from the birth of our company.

This is simply because file system issues and operating system errors are very easy to diagnose and we get calls based on these every day. If we took all of these drive into our shop, there would be no way that we could find time for people with actual physical hard drive problems. So in order to save time for not only ourselves, but for you, our customer, we will typically diagnose your Windows or Mac OS problems in cases where you do not have an actual failed hard drive.

So give us a call. You may be sitting on the hard drive that is just a few mouse clicks from a complete restoration. What do you have to lose?