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How to Be an Ace Online Student With a Few Steps

How to Be an Ace Online Student With a Few Steps

The thing about being on lockdown and avoiding too much of the outdoors is that everyone it seems has lost track of time. In case you are one of those people who has forgotten what date and time of the year it is, this is a reminder to tell you that it is already fall! Yes, that picturesque season with beds of falling orange leaves covering the ground, cool weather perfect for sweaters but not too cold that you feel lethargic, and of course, school opening! Many, if not all schools are welcoming back students to their fold, albeit everything being a virtual event as nobody dares to endanger the young by getting them to physical buildings where the risk of getting sick is higher.

With schools virtually opening come memories that flood back the minds of office workers who had to adapt to work from home strategies only months ago. And just like that event in March, school children and hapless parents are beset with challenges once again as they must adapt to this “new normal” of virtual classrooms and online modules. And just like office employees, students will also surely get used to learning in this environment, if only the learning and adaptation curve will be to their advantage very soon.

Studying is hard, studying online is harder

Just imagine, as an adult, having to sit still and appear very interested in your Zoom meetings with your office team, resisting the temptation to click on that N icon on your device and finishing the next episode of Money Heist you have promised yourself to watch as soon as the day ends. If that scenario is that challenging to supposedly mature and level-minded adults, imagine how much of a challenge that would be to kids and teenagers who generally have attention spans that can only be rivaled by Dory in Disney’s Finding Nemo movies. Confusion ensues when facial expressions and tones of teachers may be misinterpreted by children who may not be that equipped with enough maturity. Alas, there’s the challenge of intermittent internet connections. What’s a kid supposed to do?

But going to school on a laptop came with a litany of difficulties on day one: Parents were dealing with hangry kids who weren’t allowed to eat while on screen, demystifying confusing class schedules, and managing the various passwords needed to unlock an online education.

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Where to study?

As with how adults had to face that challenge of having to work in the kitchen or in their beds during the early weeks of the lockdown, the same challenge is faced by students who may be more susceptible to getting distracted by even the slightest of triggers. Thus, just like the birth of a work-from-home space for employees, the must for a study space for schoolkids needs to be addressed.

Empower your child by giving him a say, says Karen Aronian, Ed.D., of Aronian Educational Design LLC, a firm that designs learning spaces. While some more-distractible kids may prefer a desk in their room, most preschoolers and elementary-age children want to be where the action is, Aronian says.

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Equip ’em students with the best listening tool

There’s the laptop or tablet for students to successfully attend their online classes, ergonomic and comfortable chairs and desks that can withstand these users who tend to be restless every three minutes, but there’s another all-too-important tool they need to be successful in their online classes: noise-canceling headsets or earphones. After all, they need to hear their teachers clearly, and listening to their voices are more important in learning most subjects than looking at them. Thus, an investment in headsets is essential.

Are you going to be using your new headphones in a communal study area? You may want to check out the best noise-cancelling headphones. Love to work out before you hit the books? Then the best running headphones will give you the security and robustness you need.

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