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How To Recover Data Remotely?

How To Recover Data Remotely?

htrdbHave you lost your data due to hard drive’s damage? Well, fortunately you have an option to let recovery services do the task of recovery for you, remotely.

What is Remote Data Recovery?

Remote Data Recovery (or Remote File Recovery) is a superior and cost efficient technology in which lost files and other data can be retrieved through Internet. In other words, it is a method to work on remote computers in order to perform data recovery. It is also known as Online Data Recovery.

Advantages of Remote Data Recovery:

  1. Unlike conventional methods, you don’t need to carry your infected or damaged hard drive to professional.
  2. Retrieving data physically is a time taking process while Remote Data Recovery is not.
  3. Finding online recovery agencies is just a matter of few clicks.
  4. Online Data Recovery is suitable option as it can be performed anytime, anyplace at your convenience.
  5. Large domain of online recovery services is available. You can choose any one of your liking looking at cost and other dimensions.
  6. Even though the recovery procedure is online, your data will be completely safe and secure as there is no actual transfer of files that takes place from your computer.

Steps for implementing Remote Data Recovery:

Reaching an online recovery service is easy but the part these agencies play isn’t. There is a sophisticated procedure which is involved for performing online data recovery.

It is generally performed through following steps:

  1. Assigning of an Engineer who will volunteer the whole recovery process from start to end.
  2. He studies the plausible reasons behind data loss and creates an environment for data retrieval.
  3. Assigned Engineer is also responsible for analyzing hardware functionality and thus provides time estimation to customer. He also provides you with the list of recoverable files by diagnosing effected sectors of your hard drive. Severely damaged hard drives have very few recoverable files.
  4. You look through the list and decide whether files which are to be recovered are of any use for you or not? After your approval, team/Engineer assigned for recovery process springs to action. Measures are taken according to the type of damage suffered by hard drive.

Now-a-days, many companies are offering memory space in servers where users can save their files and in case of data loss, they can easily retrieve them from servers.

All in all, Remote Data Recovery is a more advanced recovery procedure when compared to traditional ones.

Remote Data Backup

rdbWill you be left unprepared if your computer’s hard disk fails today? Or will a computer breakdown cause you monetary and financial loss and ruin or affect your work or your business adversely?

If the answer is a yes then the first step to be taken to prevent the loss is to have knowledge about recovery services as part of your preparation to avert the difficulties and complications associated with data loss in your computer system. If you want to have a safe and secured backup and if you want yourself to be prepared for the best then you need to consider online and offline secured data storage and data recovery services. Both, the online and offline services have the same purpose. They are there for you to protect your useful and needed data and files that you create after spending so much time and money. This data, in the event of a computer breakdown will become damaged, inaccessible or may even lose.

But how the online and offline secured data storage works? The answer to this problem is the four steps that are needed to secure your data in case of occurrence of a disaster.

The steps that are involved in any secured data storage and recovery procedure are as follows:

  1. You need to install a simple backup software to backup your desktop or laptop and server to store the information.
  2. You need to run an initial backup of your selected data that too especially at night after business hours.
  3. Enjoy automated backup offsite of your useful data files every night without human intervention.
  4. Get technical support through the phone online instructions or from support department of vendor whenever it is necessary.

This will make the process of storing the data on storage devices such as on tapes, disks and recorded media a redundant, time consuming and an unnecessary step.

The better option to this problem is to allow your computer’s data to be transmitted seamlessly and remotely to a secured data centre for storage and retrieval by setting a timing schedule. In case your computer encounters a crash or a failure, you can easily access your data again and replicate the data and files in your restored computer so that your business can continue its work unhindered at exactly the same point where you were before the computer crash or failure.

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