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Recover Your Hard Drive Before It’s Too Late

Recover Your Hard Drive Before It’s Too Late

Unless you’re really unlucky, you’ll usually get some warning signs that your hard drive is becoming faulty or breaking down mechanically. It’s up to you to heed these warnings and get the hard drive issue fixed before it spirals into a much more serious problem.

Recover Hard Drive Problems Before They Damage The Drive

If you can hear a clicking sound coming from your drive, you may want to attempt to quickly copy all of the data on to another device, such as an external hard drive. Often, there is very little else a nonprofessional user can do. The clicking sound is a dead giveaway that your drive is about to fail. You really need to take note of such a warning – because one moments your drive might be working, and the next it may have failed completely. It doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly well-versed in hard drive recovery techniques, this is just computer user common sense.

If you’re hard drive has encountered a physical failure, the likelihood of you recovering any of your data with regular data recovery software is incredibly low. Instead it’s important to have a third party like Hard Drive Recovery Associates repair your drive for you instead – so you know that it’s in safe hands. Naturally, there’s a cost associated with having someone else recover the data for you, but if the data on that drive is that precious to you, it’s a cost worth paying.

A corrupt hard drive file system is a different story, however, and your disk recovery process should be a lot easier than with a physical breakdown. This usually means that you won’t need to physically repair hard drive issues, because they just aren’t there. Don’t get us wrong: a data recovery professional still can help you out, and ensure that your hard disk recovery goes well, but typically a good software product should enable you to get your file system up and running. From there, back it up immediately to another source!

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It may be too late to recover your hard drive if…

We still don't have a solution for that gremlin issue, sadly.

If your hard drive has been damaged due to being dropped down a flight of stairs or from any kind of height onto a hard surface, it is very likely that you will not be able to get your data back without professional help. Likewise if your hard drive has been fried due to a power surge, most self recovery methods are going to be useless. Although fixing hard drives damaged in such circumstances is much harder than fixing a hard drive that’s dying due to age, it is always possible if you are dealing with a professional data recovery service.

There are lots of tools and techniques available for drive technicians to use. Sometimes it will take days of manual work to recover the lost data – while other times it may just take a few hours. Ultimately you need to put a value on your data that’s been lost. Is it going to be cost effective to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back? Or are you better off just cutting your losses, learning your lesson, and backing up weekly from now on? It really is up to you.

The earlier you identify problems with your hard drive, the easier and cheaper they are to fix. If you nip the problems in the bud by having a technician backup your old drive and place a new drive in your machine, you won’t need to worry about a failing drive for a long time to come. If you leave the problems to snowball however, you’ll find yourself trying to recover hard drive against the odds.

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