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Samsung’s Updated Flip Phone Gets Teased in the Oscars

Samsung’s Updated Flip Phone Gets Teased in the Oscars

The Oscars on February 9 was one for the books. For the first time in its award giving history, the Academy gave the Best Picture recognition to a movie that is not in the English language and produced outside the USA. Parasite, a South Korean film about a poor family trying to infiltrate the lives of a rich family also took home trophies for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film.

But then, that wasn’t all South Korea’s appearances during the televised (and streamed) ceremonies. During one of the commercial gaps, another South Korean brand claimed the spotlight, none other than phone maker Samsung. To tease its upcoming unboxing event, Unpacked 2020, to be held on the 10th in San Francisco, the phone giant showed off its next foldable phone to the delight of the TV viewers. Not to say that Samsung still doesn’t have foldable phones, as it already has. Looking back, their first release of the foldable phone in September last year, had people wax nostalgic, although a lot were still unimpressed with their fragility.  But whether you’re a Samsung-stan or not, the ad sure got a lot of people talking!

Did the ad show anything new?

From the 20-second ad, we saw the device’s homage to retro fashion. The clamshell clicks are there, but there also seems to be the addition of new things like the degree of opening that would allow for facetime-style chatting.

The ad shows the flip phones from all angles, opening and closing while the Comic Strip sounds of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot pop and crackle in the background.

(Via: https://techcrunch.com/2020/02/10/samsung-teases-videocalling-on-its-next-foldable-during-the-oscars/)


But wait… what was that?

So basically, the ad tried to make retro-chic again, and that for sure appeals to a lot of people on the lookout for a phone that brings them back to both the 1906s (Bardot and the quirky soundtrack allude to that) and the glorious 2000s when everybody had a clamshell phone. But then, eagle-eyed viewers of the commercial were able to spot a disclaimer.

One thing that became clearer though is what will happen to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip’s screens across the globe: They’re gonna get fucked up fast.



One tall phone

Other than the ad, some pictures of the Galaxy Z Flip (yes, that’s what the phone is called) were also leaked and the first impressions centered on how long the model is and how there’s a crease in the center where the phone folds (pretty much the point of the second entry here).

Now, considering that plenty of renders and even a brief video claiming to be a hands-on with the Galaxy Z Flip have already surfaced, a few new pictures may not seem like much of a big deal. But they do appear to clear up a few rumors, including what a monster of a phone this guy is.

(Via: https://gizmodo.com/leaked-photos-confirm-samsungs-new-flippable-phone-is-o-1841533311)


Sizing up the competition  

Of course, when we talk about foldable phones, it cannot be helped that people will mention the brand that is almost synonymous with clamshell phones – Motorola. With this trend of flip phones re-emerging, Motorola’s new Razr has been touted as the more durable option, especially with complaints of the Samsung Flip having a flimsy screen emerging during its launch last year.  But then, is the Razr as durable (aka flip-able) as it is marketed to be?

But problems started to arise the minute the test began when the FoldBot couldn’t even close the phone all the way with each fold. Four hours of folding and unfolding later, and the phone wouldn’t even close at all.

(Via: https://sea.mashable.com/tech/9037/motorola-razr-fails-cnets-durability-test-breaks-after-only-27000-folds)


Motorola fights back

Not to be silenced, Motorola releases its own video proving that once and for all, the Razr is still the king of foldable phones.

Motorola responded with a statement and the below video, which shows its own folding machine fully opening and closing the phone. The FoldBot only partially closes the phone before opening it again.

(Via: https://sea.mashable.com/tech/9044/motorola-puts-out-a-foldable-razr-test-video-in-response-to-durability-concerns)


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