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The Evolution Of External Hard Drives

The Evolution Of External Hard Drives

New technologies are often expensive. It is like medicine. Pharmaceutical companies who have the patent for medicines they have created make a lot of money from it first before other people get to make their own version of the formula. It’s the same thing with tech gadgets. They are often priced higher upon release but gradually become cheaper over time. However, at the rate that technology is developed and released today along with the tough competition in the market, it further drives the price lower over a short period of time.

Back then, you can only store a small amount of data on your hard drive. Other storage devices like USB and external hard drives weren’t around yet. As technology kept on advancing, external storage became more accessible and affordable to the masses. It is no longer surprising you can now purchase a terra up to 4-terrabyte of an external hard drive without breaking the bank. That way, you get to save lots of files for your own peace of mind at a fraction of the price.

Need to back up a ton of files or a whole lot of video? You’re in luck: Best Buy is currently selling Western Digital’s easystore 4TB external hard drive for $90. It’s a great price that’s well below what you’d pay for this much storage elsewhere.

As you can see by the image, this is a desktop hard drive takes up a little more space than those portable external hard drives. (Best Buy’s specs say it’s 6.7-inches high by 1.9 inches wide.) The drive uses USB 3.0, which is standard these days for external drives.

This easystore drive is a little different from its counterparts in Western Digital’s similar-looking My Book line. Exclusive to Best Buy, it appears to have a different set of included software. Both lines have the WD Backup utility, but easystore doesn’t appear to come with Acronis True Image WD Edition for cloning drives.

(Via: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3190562/storage/a-western-digital-4tb-external-hard-drive-is-90-right-now.html)

Have you ever imagined data storage would be this efficient, easy and affordable a decade ago? Probably not but you know better than to doubt what technology is capable of giving us.

Few parts of computer maintenance are as important as having your data backed up.

For almost two years I’ve relied on a multi-drive backup solution from Other World Computing to keep my most important files safe. 

They recently redesigned and updated that product, the Mercury Elite Pro II, and sent me one to test.

A lot of people back their computers up using an external hard drive using an app on MacOS or Windows. That’s a good general practice, but the Mercury Elite Pro ups the ante by giving you the ability to make redundant backups on multiple drives.

(Via: http://www.businessinsider.com/owc-mercury-elite-ii-review-2017-5)

Data storage is crucial to everyone today because almost all our important files are now digital. From photos, songs, videos, movies to documents, they are all now in digital format because that is the popular medium used by all today.

I know you probably don’t wake up in the morning, sip your coffee, and think to yourself “damn, I’m really excited for all the possibilities of the USB-C standard.” But maybe you should, because Western Digital just made a crazy new product that’s only possible thanks to USB-C.

It’s an external hard drive, the same kind of expensive storage box that WD has been churning out for years. But the difference is that this storage box can also push 45 watts of power, enough to charge up a medium-sized laptop and replace your boring laptop charger forever.

Western Digital is imagining this mostly as an alternative to a desktop hub: sit down at your desk, plug one USB-C cable into your laptop, and you have power, and access to a couple terabytes of storage. It’s a great idea for anyone who uses a thin-and-light laptop (or a Chromebook!) for travel, but needs something to store old photos when they get home.

(Via: https://bgr.com/2017/04/11/usb-c-hard-drive-laptop-docking-station-charging-western-digital/)

Having a backup plan is always a sensible and practical idea that should be adopted by all since we now use various gadgets in our day-to-day. You can’t always count on your device to work its 100%, so better prepare for worst case scenarios in advance or regret losing your data when you could’ve done something about it early on. Think of external hard drives as your treasure box where you put all your cherished digital memories and mementos for safe keeping.

If you think that data loss can only happen to your computer’s hard drive, you’re mistaken. External hard drives can fail you too. When it happens, https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/external-hard-drive-recovery/ experts can sort the problem out for you. Dealing with technological issues may be a bit confusing and one small mistake can cost you permanent data loss. Your hard drive can be damaged by water as well especially during natural disasters like hurricanes and flood no matter how careful you are with your things. Let https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/hard-drive-gets-water-damaged-what-to-do/ help you with this one. While you should not get your hopes up, who knows they may be able to retrieve your important files against all odds.