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The Use Of Clean Energy Is The Way To Go

The Use Of Clean Energy Is The Way To Go

Perhaps the human race can no longer live without using technology in our daily lives. It just seems impossible for us to change our ways and revert back to the lifestyle led by our ancestors. We definitely can’t give up life’s modern contrivances, smart technology, the World Wide Web and the Internet of Things, and social media. If there is one major downside to our modern life, it is the incessant demand and use of resources and energy to fuel these devices and make them work. The problem now is that the main energy sources we use are non-renewable like fossil fuel, for instance, meaning they will eventually run out sooner or later. Unfortunately, our energy demand just keeps on increasing and shows no sign of ever slowing down especially that most things now are being automated. We can only ensure our survival as a species if we find another way to fuel our mega industries and countless tech contrivances we own that now defines 21st-century living.

You don’t even have to look far to find the answer. It is right under our noses all along or more aptly up in the skies or all around you. In most instances, you don’t have to spend much to benefit from them because they are in our surroundings. But of course, we are talking about natural resources like the sun, wind, water, etc. fueling industries, institutions, establishments, and homes at a scale almost the same as common energy resource we now make use of today. Many places have actually adopted the use of clean energy especially now that global warming is something of a reality rather than a vague prediction.

Marine renewable energy is generated by moving water like tides, waves and river currents. British Columbia is home to abundant coastlines, rivers and a cluster of MRE developers. PRIMED will bring together the skills, tools and knowledge of companies, academics and coastal remote communities interested in MRE projects to provide solutions to the challenges facing the industry and to commercialize MRE technologies.

Investing in clean energy technology has the potential to change the way many Canadians consume energy.  Many remote, off-grid communities in British Columbia, including Indigenous communities, rely on diesel fuel for power generation. This method is expensive and poses threats to the environment. Developing a strong clean technology industry, with investments in MRE, will help support the adoption of alternative technologies and create well-paying, middle class jobs for Canadians.

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Private organizations and even the government are now taking this issue seriously as power is a constant concern all over the world. Aside from the possibility of us eventually depleting the planet of these non-renewable energy resources, its price also keeps on going up and can be a big hurdle for the masses in the future. Although we try to reduce our energy use, it seems to be an impossible feat seeing how tech-savvy the world has become and we can’t seem to just let go of our newfound lifestyle that mainly revolves around the IoT, smart gadgets, and the web at large. And we have more use for these tech advancements now than we did in the past. Some organizations are even tapping alternative energy sources aside from what was mentioned earlier.

Japanese automobile giant Toyota is making some exciting moves in the realm of renewable, clean energy.

The company is planning to build a power plant in California that turns the methane gas produced by cow manure into water, electricity, and hydrogen.

The project, known as the Tri-Gen Project, was unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

The plant, which will be located at the Port of Long Beach in California, will be “the world’s first commercial-scale 100 percent renewable power and hydrogen generation plant,” writes USA Today.

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Manure has long proved useful to people. But this time around, it is proving to be more useful than what we already make use of it for. Aside from just fattening up crops and plants, innovators are now making progress in converting cow manure into clean and usable energy. What’s even more ambitious about this project is that the people behind this project intend to build a major power plant fuelled by cow manure. While it is still a work in progress and expected to be usable by the year 2020, it has high hopes and dreams of supplying power to over 2000 homes. While totally unexpected and revolutionary, we are also silently praying for this initiative to work because it is a win-win solution for all.

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