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Up Your TikTok Knowledge After Reading This

Up Your TikTok Knowledge After Reading This

Now that’s the President who threatened to ban social media platform TikTok in the country is out of the White House, everyone who’s doing a killing on the app, rejoice! and for those who are still in the dark as to how to make this much raved about app work for you, here are some tips:

Give your videos more pop with added effects

Unlike a lot of social media platforms where you would need a third-party app to add effects to a video you’ll be posting, TikTok sets itself apart from the rest by having video filters and effects integrated into the app. That means that you don’t need to use another app to give your video that extra kick. Instead you can just use the filters and effects that are already on TikTok, add them to your recorded clips or even in real time while you are recording them. Using the effects in real time gives your posts a more natural feel as you already have them on the video, instead of adding them later which would be more editorial but produced.

If you are an enthusiastic Tik Tok user, you probably know that this tool is also equipped with some effects. These include filter effects, time effects, video covers and stickers. These effects can be easily activated as soon as you record or upload a video clip. Just look for the “Effects” tab and you can start adding them to your video. However, this way does not offer adding text or caption effects. But it is indeed a good way to enhance your Tik Tok video prior to uploading it.

(Via: https://lightmv.com/add-effects-in-tik-tok.html)

Get your username and profile picture with the times

The feature of TikTok that allows users to change their usernames and profile pictures is especially beneficial to early adapters of the app. If you joined the app as early as when it was still Musical.ly, chances are your username and profile picture are already outdated and better left to the throwback posts that will take you down memory lane. Usernames and profile images are quite important factors in making your social network account relevant. Thus, knowing how to change these details are of the utmost importance. Don’t worry, though, because the process of changing these details – your profile picture, profile video, name, and username are quite quick and should not really take you a few minutes the most.

By default, TikTok assigns you a default profile picture. Chances are, however, that you’ll want to personalize it and use an image of your own. Username changes on TikTok are limited – you can select a new one every 30 days. However, profile picture changes are unlimited.

(Via: https://social.techjunkie.com/tik-tok-change-profile-picture/)

You can download a TikTok video, too!

TikTok videos, with their ideal length and size, are primarily intended to be viral, either through the TikTok community itself within the app or through other social network platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (but seriously, who still uses Facebook nowadays?) Because of this focus on shareability and the goal of going viral, the feature of sharing TikTok videos is very prominent in the app, so prominent that it is featured on the individual page of each clip, no user can miss it. This tool for sharing also lets users post the link to the video on other social media networks, as well as send the video to people in their network, and yes, even download it to their device. So, if you want to have a copy of the video on your phone or tablet, you can download it through the app itself, no need to use a third-party video downloader.

But what if you want to download a TikTok video on your computer, for example? This article teaches you how:

TikTok has released a TikTok PC app in 2020 and you can watch TikTok videos within a computer browser now. If you come across any funny TikTok videos on your computer, a powerful video downloader could help you save them without switching between your phone and computer.

(Via: https://www.videoproc.com/download-record-video/how-to-download-tiktok-videos.htm)

Get those coins!

Now, if you’re in the social media game for the popularity and the dough, then TikTok is a perfect platform for you. The popularity is already explained above, where your very short video clips can go viral and give you a lot of social media clout, if not notoriety, depending on the nature of the videos you will be posting, of course. But what about the money? Well, there’s TikTok coins, a virtual currency that can be used only within the app. TikTok coins can’t be mined or used elsewhere in other online stores like Bitcoin. But then, a lot of TikTokers have sworn by it, as they have accumulated a lot of it during their livestreams.

You use TikTok coins to tip content creators. You purchase an emoji during a content creators’ live stream and the coins are converted into an equal amount of diamonds in the streamers wallet.

(Via: https://teilo.org/tiktok-coins/)

See? Knwoing more about TikTok isn’t that hard. Just like reaching out to experts if you encounter laptop problems. If your laptop is giving you grief, don’t stay pressed; get in touch with us.