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Why Would I Need A Data Recovery Service?

Why Would I Need A Data Recovery Service?

It’s a question many of our customers ask.

If you’ve never been in the position of needing a data recovery service you can count yourself lucky. Occasionally hard drives can break down in computers and laptops, and this is when people tend to enlist the help of a data recovery company like HDRA. Data recovery service companies, as opposed to simple computer repair shops, typically set up major infrastructure, including a data recovery clean room, in order to safely pull important data from failed drives.

Professional data recovery engineers work in precise, clean room conditions. Accept nothing less.

The techniques used to recover data tend to vary. For hard drives that have become faulty due to age or excessive use, a data recovery service may involve using specialized software to first image, then recover the important data. If the hard drive has been subjected to some other form of abuse such as being dropped, a more robust approach may be needed – and the drive itself may have to be dismantled before the recovery process can be started. This is what is typically known as “physical hard drive recovery”. Often, in cases of mechanical breakdown, it is the only route.

On Data Recovery Service Costs

The more labor involved the the recovery approach, the more it’ll cost you to have the data on your hard drive recovered. There are lots of software companies out there that will claim that their product will recover the data you’ve lost, but the fact is that unless an expert has actually had a look at the hard drive or at least discovered the symptoms (a toll free call usually does it), it’s hard to diagnose the best recovery solution. If you invest in an expensive piece of software only to find your hard drive is more seriously damaged than you originally thought, you could be throwing good money after bad. It is important to remember that a solid data recovery service will always offer free diagnosis and technical support.

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Backing Up Is Your Key To Hard Disk Failure Prevention

Although there are always going to be data recovery services out there for you should you need them, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your hard drive somewhere safe. There’s no use doing a backup every six months because important documents could be lost that were created in between backups. Instead you should place yourself on a strict routine of backups (weekly is usually good enough for non-professional users), or you should consider purchasing some software that allows you to schedule automatic backups. Backing up from one hard drive to another is always good – but what happens if you drop the computer and damage both drives, or a power surge comes along and causes them to become faulty? This is where an external hard drive is a lifesaver.

The best fail safe of them all is a cloud backup service. This is where your computer is backed up over the internet – so that you can restore the backup to any machine, at any time. It’s a really cost-effective and innovative idea – and it’s really helpful, as you’ll know if your hard drive has ever failed!

At the first sign of a fault with your hard drive make sure you inform a data recovery service so that they can help you. If you try to “brute force” your drive you may only make things worse – making the important data you need to retrieve completely irrecoverable.

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