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Laptop Data Recovery

laptop data recoveryLaptops are everywhere. And why not? Mobile computing has been a major part of everyone’s lives for over five years now, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to bring your work (or play for that matter) wherever you want to go, and not be stuck to a desk like you are with a desktop computer?

Mobility Has Its Disadvantages

The problem with laptop computers that sets the stage for anyone to have to consider a professional laptop data recovery service is of course it’s very strength: portability. The unfortunate part about a notebook or tablet computer is that because it is very mobile by nature, it is also subject to the same problems that any portable device has: a cell phone can be dropped, as an example. Your car’s tires can slip on winter ice and drive into a tree. Your laptop? Well, there are a lot of things that could happen to it.

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Getting Your Data Back

At Hard Drive Recovery Associates, we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to damaged laptop hard drives. What we can tell you is that nine times out of 10, your data can be recovered, no matter what your local computer repair shop claims.

We feel it is important to mention this because at least 20% of our hard drive recovery customers are people who have been told that their data cannot be recovered. That their hard drive has failed miserably and that there is simply no way they will be getting their data back. That they might as well accept the fact that their data is gone and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

This is almost never true.

If you feel like your laptop data is unrecoverable, we can tell you this: we have fully recovered laptop hard drives that have been:

  • run over by a vehicle
  • been immersed in water for over two hours
  • fallen from a 200 foot height
  • burned by a warehouse fire that melted the unit almost beyond recognition

So even if you assume that your laptop cannot be recovered, the likelihood of this is quite low. As long as you only deal with a company that uses a professional class 1000 clean room, and has an experienced data recovery staff, you should be able to have your data retrieved.

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Laptop Damage Occurs Often And Without Warning

Even if your laptop is not experienced what we call a “catastrophic event”, is very common for hard drives to fail with regular usage. Laptops are small, lightweight, but frequently operate at extremely high temperatures thanks to the progression of laptop microchips. These high temperatures alone can be responsible for a laptop hard drive failure, as well as a number of other factors.

Dust And Dirt

Although it may seem like common sense, laptops are incredibly sensitive to dust and dirt, particularly because foreign particles keep it from dissipating heat. And heat, is by all means the number one killer of laptops.

Water And Moisture

Electronic equipment is incredibly sensitive to moisture and humidity. Laptop computers are no exception to this rule. So sometimes a simple splash of water can cause a full on electronics hardware that affects the hard drive directly.

Fire And Acid

Although we certainly would not call fire or after damage a common occurrence for laptop computers, it doesn’t happen. But nine times out of 10 those instances are still not destructive enough to destroy the data stored on your hard drive magnetic platters.

Clicking Hard Drive

Typically, a clicking hard drive is the result of a misaligned drive head and can occur just through regular computer use. This can be the result of either wear, shock, or just because hard drives are mechanical devices by nature and are subject to failure. If something like this occurs, you’re always better off to turn your hard drive off immediately and consult a professional data recovery technician. It can save you a lot of stress in the long run.

The Process

If you think that your laptop or tablet computer may have experienced a physical hard drive failure, click here to get a free evaluation or call us at the toll-free number above to speak with a data recovery engineer directly. Even though you may experience some symptoms that seem like physical hard drive failure, this is not always the case. In fact, often our technicians can recommend a quick software solution that will ensure you can get your system up and running within the hour.

If we determine that you have experienced a physical hard drive failure with your laptop, and you decide that you would like to have a hard drive fully recovered, we will typically provide you with a flat rate quote, and from there request that you ship your laptop directly to us. We do our best to handle as much of the shipping process as possible so that you do not have to worry about this part of your hard drive recovery. We do this on a daily basis to ensure that our customers get their hard drives and data back as quickly as possible.

Once we receive your laptop, a certified data recovery engineer will call you immediately. During our initial recovery process, we mirror the data on your disk to ensure that it is completely safe and that it will be easily recoverable. Once the data has been mirrored, we set about repairing your hard drive in order to retrieve everything that is on the hard disk. I’ll recovery rate for laptop hard drives is 98%, but if we cannot recover your hard drive data, you will not be charged and we will send you your system back.

Once your data has been safely recovered from your laptop hard drive, we ensure that it is completely intact. Then, we can either provided to you on an external hard drive, or enable you to download it directly from our secure storage facility via high-speed Internet connection.

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