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SSD Data Recovery

Data loss is always a prevailing issue for computer users and it appears that the Solid State Drive (SSD) industry can provide the solution for many of these problems. Drive failure is significantly minimized by getting rid of the moving parts in SSDs, giving the user far more time to fix problems as compared to those people using more conventional hard disk drives or HDDs. However, SSD failure is still possible as the technology continues to evolve and users encounter operating conditions beyond the ordinary. A certain portion of these failures will eventually require data recovery services as valuable data has been lost and can no longer be accessed.

There was a need to develop new processes in recovering data for these drives, as the technology involved shifted to semiconductor-based storage from the use of magnetic ones (from Platters to effectively RAM chips). These new processes bring about different success rates and are usually costly to perform aside from consuming too much time. Moreover, the Solid State Drive recovery process is a bit more complex due to SSD technology implementations that have a major impact on the success or failure of the data recovery process. The SSD industry aims to assuage the public’s fear and improve the success rates among SSD data recovery services while at the same time reducing costs and increasing turnaround times as the industry becomes proactive in helping data recovery professionals address these issues.

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How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

For data recovery services like HDRA, facilities, tools, and expertise all affect the success rate of recovering data from failed SSD devices. The biggest factor for pricing on this style of recovery has to do with research and development since the SSD industry itself is still maturing.

SSD Failure Still Exists!

SSDs, along with HDDs, are still prone to failure even if they are truly state-of-the-art devices. You will need different techniques to address every failure mode just so data recovery is possible at all. Our company has diverted a good degree of research and development dollars to create effective and affordable data recovery processes that will work on individual drives and the drive’s corresponding failure mode.

It can be a gargantuan task requiring the combined efforts of skilled computer scientists and mechanical and electrical engineers. Every year, new models of SSDs and HDDs are released by the hundreds as makers continue to make new changes and upgrades. Hence, the only way to address this issue is to make hefty investments in research and development that may even require these data recovery companies to labor countless hours perfecting a new method.

The consumer has everything to gain here as such an investment can significantly reduce data recovery costs because of a more thorough approach during its research and development phase. Not only that but technicians and engineers need not spend too much time recovering data, resulting in cheaper costs.

Another benefit a consumer can get from a faster turnaround time is that there is a higher chance that their data remains intact. Typically, an inverse relationship exists between the data value and the extent of time of data recovery needed. In short, data is just as valuable the moment you lose it. It can also affect a number of things at work but its value gradually diminishes over time as you try to recreate the data you have lost.

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Keeping It Speedy

A speedy and affordable data recovery process is really more than critical for businesses Even data recovery experts themselves understand that not many businessmen would pay for costly recoveries if it will take over three weeks for them to get their lost data back, unless the data involved can no longer be recreated. Meanwhile, there is a thin line between how valuable the consumer considers the lost data in relation to how much it costs and takes to get the lost data back.

Where customers also make a bad assumption on price is that because new SSDs can be cheaper that $50, then a service that requires specialized tools, equipment and processes to restore data on an old drive MUST also be this cheap. Obviously, a business that spends 4-5 hours per SSD recovery and charges only $50 will not be a business for long.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates is strongly dedicated to R&D, which has allowed us to markedly lower the costs of SSD recovery, as well as HDD recovery.

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HDD Data Recovery Vs SSD Recovery

HDD data recovery has significantly improved through our years of expertise and efficient methods, enabling us to reduce costs and turnaround times for each and every completed data recovery. Meanwhile, SSD is still a developing technology. It is not unusual to pay different amounts for its recovery and turnaround time also varies. It all depends on who the maker is and the metrics used for each device.

Why SSD Data Recovery Services Can Add Up

SSD technology introduces a range of new engineering dilemmas for all data recovery services that offer it. Drive makers continue pushing the technology forward to enhance storage features, but at the same time enhance the reliability of the device itself. This leads to drastic changes as well as frequent design upgrades. The new firmware is represented by every new design along with a new PCB layout and varying wear-leveling controllers and algorithms. It is challenging to keep abreast with the SSD recovery curve due to the delicate balance that needs to be maintained between costs and the turn-around times for recovery.

Much progress is being made with the various recovery techniques used on SSDs, but there is still much to improve when it comes to more efficient and streamlined processes in recovering data from hard drives. The key point is that SSD recovery is more expensive than HDD data recovery, full stop.

It is a must to bring the turn-around time and costs of data recovery in line between the two to ensure positive growth in the SSD market.

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Solid State Device Failure and the Relationship with the Customer

A device storage manufacturer must always tread a thin line when it comes to a failed device. One can certainly expect that their device will fail at some point in time. No matter what the cause is, whether it is the fault of the maker or the user, most consumers rely on the maker to offer them some sort of assistance when it comes to data recovery. Although this seems natural, it is often very rare that SSD manufacturers can offer much in terms of recovery advice outside of, “you’d better call a data recovery service.”

Certainly, most Solid State Drives have some kind of warranty, but rarely does that cover physical data recovery.

If you do have an SSD data recovery issue, we always encourage you to call us, or contact us here. Evaluations are always free, and we can certainly help you clarify your options, even if you decide your data is not worth the price of data recovery.

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