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Hard drive failure is one of the most common and frustrating problems for computer users, but it’s also one of the easiest problems to recover from. If you do suspect that your hard drive has failed, your first course of action should always be to turn off your system. Your second should be to get a free consultation from a professional data recovery shop.

Speaking with a professional data recovery technician is absolutely free, and will at least enable you to get an idea of what you’re dealing with, and in this case, knowledge is power.

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What Happens Next?

hard drive failure picture

Thankfully, hard drive failure typically doesn’t look like this.

It’s impossible to say whether or not you’ll get back all of the data from your failed drive, because each case is different. Basically, the quicker you discover the drive issue and power down your system, the more effective (and less expensive) your data recovery will be.

Free Hard Drive Failure Consultations

When you call HDRA, a technician will ask you a number of questions to determine the cause of your hard disk failure. This is because in many cases, your drive may be mechanically sound, but has issues with its file system (or Logical Errors) that prevent data from being accessed. Many people panic and mistake logical drive failures for mechanical failures, which can often lead them to rash actions that can further damage their data.

Each day, HDRA technicians help customers troubleshoot these logical errors over the phone, saving them hundreds of dollars in data recovery costs with one call.

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It’s Mechanical… What Now?

If you describe a situation that tells us that your drive has experienced a mechanical failure, we will likely request that you ship the drive to our lab. This is to see how badly damaged your drive is, and to find out what the best and least expensive way of recovering the data will be.

For all in-lab recoveries we perform, we give you the option of either copying the recovered data to a brand new hard drive, or compressing the data so that you can download it from a secure location.

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What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

There are many reasons that hard drives fail. The most common reason for portable computers is because of the shock caused when a laptop is dropped. This can damage many of your hard drive’s critical internal components. These parts are extremely sensitive, and are typically running at anywhere from 4200 to 10000 rpm. So if you do drop your laptop and it begins to exhibit signs of hard drive failure such as giving off a clicking or buzzing sound, power down the system immediately. Failure to do so can damage your data even further.

Another major cause of failed hard drives that we see is power spikes. If your system is not plugged into a surge protected power bar or device, often a power spike can “cook” the internal components, including the hard drive. This is not a frequent cause, but we still do see it happen.

Old Drives Are Prone To Hard Drive Crash

Other contributing factors to hard drive failure include the age of the drive: the older a hard drive gets and the more it is used, the more likely it is to fail. It is important to remember that hard drive are mechanical devices and just like most mechanical devices, will breakdown with age.

At some point everybody encounters a hard drive failure.  Fortunately, there are two camps of people: those who panic, damage their data and lose it forever, and those that stay calm and do the right thing. When it comes to your important data, contacting a drive expert at HDRA costs you nothing, and will provide you with the best options to get your data back right away.

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