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Your Hard Drive Is Water Damaged. What Now?

Your Hard Drive Is Water Damaged. What Now?


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One of the scariest situations you can experience as a computer user is when your hard drive is exposed to large amounts of water. Despite the fact that it is protected by a hard casing, your hard drive is certainly not immune to the damage of water contact. Water submersion is a huge issue, but is something we at Hard Drive Recovery Associates have specialized in for some time.

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Some of the worst cases we have seen with water immersion are the result of floods, hurricanes, and even fires. We can assure you that your data is recoverable, even if it seems as if the drive is totally destroyed. Although on the outside your data may appear lost, this is rarely the case. In fact, your drive’s platters will still hold all of the data – it is just about having an expert access it for you.

How Water Harms Your Hard Drive

Your HDD’s electronics are usually the first victim of water’s contact. As soon as you turn on your system, water affected electronics will force current to short out the electronics, and potentially damage the system. In few cases you may even encounter smoke coming out from computer system.

Many people assume that it is OK to run a hard drive that has “dried out”. We would warn that you simply can’t afford to run a hard drive believing that the water has been completely dissipated. At first, it may look like the unit is functioning well when connected to a power source after drying, but internal damage may still occur, making data permanently accessible. It’s always best to power down in these situations, and at least call a hard drive recovery expert. Data recovery from a water affected hard drive is solely the domain of the professional recovery specialist.

This is why remote and cloud based backups can be so helpful.

In a nutshell, never switch on your computer after it has suffered water damage. The best way is to pack the unit safely and ship it to a hard drive data recovery specialist.

Recovery Of Data From Water Damage

rodfwdThe recovery of your data from a hard disk after an unexpected water damage catastrophe is not always easy.

It may take months or more to restore your property completely after a disaster takes place and moreover it causes interruptions in lives of people.  But data can be recovered quickly, often in as little as 24 hours by a clean-room equipped hard drive recovery company like Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

When you do look to a recovery professional, make sure that they have experience with flood or water damaged hard drives. Many shops do not have this experience, nor are they equipped with a clean room, and the result is often wasted time and money. Often, our customers have taken their drives to regional computer technicians, most of whom have little to no drive recovery experience, and have found no results, and a ton of broken promises.

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