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Hard Drive Repair – How Hard Can It Be?

Hard Drive Repair – How Hard Can It Be?

Hard drive repair isn't as easy as it seems.If your computer has suddenly stopped working and the hard drive is at fault and is in need of repair, it’s essential that you call in an expert as soon as possible in order to fix the problem right, and to prevent further damage to your precious data. The simple fact is that there are steps that can be taken in the early stages of a hard drive becoming faulty. If you continue to use your computer or attempt to repair the hard drive yourself however, there’s a good chance it may well be irrecoverable by the time you call in hard drive repair experts.

How long does a hard drive repair take?

Hard drive repairs tend to take a while – the more damaged your hard drive is, the longer it will take to repair it. This is why you should always contact a data recovery engineer at the first sign of problems: because quicker you power down your system, the more likely your drive will not be too heavily damaged, and as a result require countless hours of clean room data recovery time. Remember that with hard drive repair, time is money, so the longer the technician has to spend on your hard drive, the more it’s going to cost you.

You Can Do It Yourself?

Right now, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that will tell you you can easily do your own clicking hard drive repair. But what if we told you that every day, we received at least two drives that are rendered unrecoverable because of do-it-yourself techniques? Would you still want to fix your own hard drive? These Youtube amateurs caused a lot of problems for the industry, especially because of the fact that frequently they just do not know what they are talking about.

When it comes to your data, it is always better to be safe and never a good idea to take a risk. Contact us here for a free evaluation.

Professional Efficiency

If the thought of professional hard drive repair sends shivers down your spine, remember that you can always get competitive quotes. Naturally, HDRA is able to be almost any quote in the industry, and we offer absolutely free technical support. The difficult issue with most hard drive crashes is that sometimes what may seem like a full on physical hard drive break down to an average user, is in fact a simple file system error. Our engineers can identify these particular problems and often fix them over the phone for free.

How Much Will a Hard Drive Repair Cost?

There’s no set pricing for hard drive repairs. Typically the price is set around the hardware you have, the condition it is in, and the amount of hours it takes our data recovery technicians to safely retrieve all of the data on the disk. The word “repair” may be a little misleading here as well, because really what will happen is that your hard drive platters will be safely imaged using a proprietary imaging software, and then we will take the data from there.  From that point, we can either can either copy all of the data onto a new hard drive and ship it to you immediately or, as is the choice preferred by many users, just download all of your data in a zip file from our secure servers. The choice is yours. The only difference is the speed in which you receive your recovered data.

Don’t let the fear of a high priced hard drive repair put you off, because if you continue to use a faulty hard drive or attempt to retrieve the data yourself, you could do further damage. Any further damage to your hard drive when it is in a poor state result in the data on the disk being unrecoverable.

Signs You May Need To Repair Your Hard Drive

Common signs that your hard drive is breaking down, or is about to develop a fault include a clicking sound as the hard drive loads, or a buzzing noise coming from your computer case. The Windows “blue screen of death” is the common tech description for a blue screen in which your computer will no longer continue to operate. This screen typically will come just before a hard drive crashes for good.

There’s no time like the present to get in touch with a hard drive repair expert. Don’t leave things until it’s too late and your hard drive is completely broken – act smartly and get in touch with a professional as soon as possible.

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