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How to Get Your Email (and Save Your Reputation) Back

How to Get Your Email (and Save Your Reputation) Back

It’s a nightmare most, if not all of us email users, may have experienced at least once in our online lives. You click on send for an important email and milliseconds later see in terror as you spot one, two, three typos and two grammatical lapses. Worse, you hit Reply All, which has everyone at work the recipient of your email.

Undoing your accident may be a lot of work for you, considering your reputation has already taken a dive. However, all is not lost as there still may be one solution for you, particularly if not everyone has opened their emails to marvel at your travesty of an email: You may recall it. A lot of email clients actually have this feature, so let’s see how this can be used, depending on your email service.


Gmail, along with its Google brother Chrome, have become the most popular email service and search engines, respectively. Over the years, Gmail has undergone an evolution from being a handy online email service into one of the most indispensable tools for some businesses, not to mention being an important part of Google’s G Suite productivity offerings. And through the years, tons of improvements and updates have been done to Gmail, some of which can be considered successful, while some just earned the chagrin of users for making the platform slower. The update on the service’s message recall feature has been viewed positively since it came out, though. After all, Gmail users aren’t perfect!

The Undo Send feature is on by default on Gmail. Hence, you don’t need to play around any settings to enable it.

As soon as you send an email, you’ll see a pop-up on the bottom left corner of your screen, having the option to View, and Undo message. You can use the same to recall your messages, which will retract the email back to your drafts section. The View message button will not appear for messages sent from within the existing thread, though.

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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most popular email services in companies and offices, as it provides seamless integration with other Microsoft products, particularly the ubiquitous MS Office. While it used to be that recalling your email was a challenge in Outlook’s older versions, it cannot be said anymore with the newest updates. Microsoft now allows users to retract an email in Outlook, though there are some requirements for the retraction to be done successfully.

Both the user and recipient require an Exchange server email account and use Outlook as the email client.

The recipient’s mailbox should be open when an Outlook recall process is attempted.

The original Outlook message has to be unread and is in the recipient’s inbox.

Finally, the message cannot be affected by any process, such as a rule, spam filter, or add-in.

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Yahoo Mail

Oh, the much-maligned Yahoo Mail! After surviving so many data breaches, leaks, and cyberattacks, it is a conundrum how some people have continued to stick to their Yahoo Mail accounts. Take note, there are still quite a lot of them. The last major update of Yahoo Mail in relation to email recalling or retracted happened in 2016, so that’s quite a while already, but that said, Yahoo has taken some effort in presenting a solution to one of their users’ more common concerns, let’s give them that.

A new update was released by Yahoo last weekend for its mobile apps with the biggest highlight being the ability to unsend emails.

Realized you accidentally chose the wrong email recipient or caught a typo last minute? Don’t stress—starting today, we’re giving iOS users the ability to take back an email right after it’s been sent.

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