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Slow Internet? Try These Steps

Slow Internet? Try These Steps

One of the most important necessities these days for every home is a fast and reliable internet connection. After all, how would that not be a priority for everyone, with most companies still highly encouraging their employees to work from home and schools still closed and most offering virtual classes? Whether you’re an entrepreneur running an online business, an employee working from home, or a student spending this school year online, having a stable internet connection is indeed one resource everybody needs in this pandemic (aside from great health and food, of course).

But as the laws of economics state, resources that are high in demand would usually be made scarce and unfortunately, unreliable. Since everybody expects a lot from their internet service provider all of sudden (since the start of the pandemic in March), their bandwidth in meeting these expectations may already be stretched too thin. Thus, while it is still important that our networks and service providers do their best in meeting the expectations of the public, there are still some tricks we can do as users to help ourselves and not aggravate the situation.

Check bandwidth-hogging apps and programs

A usual culprit of slow internet speeds is something we don’t usually see – background processes. A number of software apps (for example, Windows Update, or Google Play’s automatic downloading of updates) run these processes that we are not really aware of, because they are hidden behind other apps. However, they consume network resources. During certain times of the day when you need your internet to be faster than the Roadrunner outrunning Wil E. Coyote, it is best to turn off these apps and just turn them on again when you’re about to go to sleep or going offline.

Are you having trouble connecting to Facebook or Twitter? Has your internet connection slowed down to the point that it’s become unusable? Don’t blame your internet service provider just yet. The reason for this could be a program consuming bandwidth in the background.

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Check for any signal interference

Another common cause of Wi-Fi and other types of wireless connections poorly performing is because of signal interference. When this happens, your laptop or device needs to keep on resending messages for signal overlap to be surpassed. The thing is, interference can come from a wide variety of sources, from your neighbor’s wireless networks that interfere with yours to even your electronic appliances like microwave ovens.

Is your WiFi slower than it should be? The reason may be interference. It’s a silent affliction that could be robbing you of the speed that you pay for; so even if your 802.11ac router supports gigabit speeds, for example, you may see far less.

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Check your router and network equipment

Are you used to having tech support and the trusty IT department of your office run to aid for every single problem you might have with your computer/ Well, reality check: they are not with you now, so you need to do a bit of troubleshooting yourself. Be on the know with checking on whether your router and other equipment are running up to speed, as their poor performance might be the reason your internet speed is lousy.

After you confirm you’re getting the correct speed test results from your modem, turn your router back on, connect your testing device to the router with an Ethernet cable, and run another speed test. If you have a modem and router combo, turn off bridge mode.

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