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Computer SOS During Disasters

Computer SOS During Disasters

Our planet has been a witness to countless disasters since the beginning of time. Even earth itself underwent so many changes that were fuelled by disasters that even wiped out the entire dinosaur population over 60 million years ago. Disasters are a part of life. It’s a sad reality that we have to deal with throughout our lifetime because we can’t stop them from happening. What’s worse is that these disasters, whether natural or manmade, are getting worse and worse now as climate change is no longer a threat but a reality of our lives.

When it comes to disasters, preparation is the key. Planning for a rainy day isn’t just about saving money for a major life emergency but taking the necessary steps to protect everyone in your family and your property from the havoc of natural calamities. Computers are a staple in our modern life as almost everything has gone digital. We should include them in disaster planning and recovery because not only are they expensive investments but they also contain important files that mean a lot to us.

Whether facing natural disasters or attackers intent on wreaking havoc and destruction, those who prepare and act decisively have the best chance at surviving and recovering fully, experts said at a March 29 public-safety preparedness program in McLean.

“We’re teaching people how to take care of themselves,” said Rob Brown, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s chief regional coordinator for Northern Virginia.“Resilience is really what we need to work for. It’s neighbor helping neighbor.”

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We don’t only think of natural calamities as the only disaster man and the world is vulnerable to. Terrorist attacks can also destroy properties and take away with it human lives. Tech gadgets aren’t safe as well because they’d likely blow up even before help arrives.

Crises Are Inevitable

The likelihood that your business will be hit by a highly threatening, unexpected event has never been higher. In a PwC survey of 164 chief executives around the world, launched in 2017 and known as the CEO Pulse on Crisis, 65 percent of respondents reported experiencing at least one crisis since 2013; 15 percent had experienced five or more. Forty percent expected to experience a crisis in the coming three years, and an additional 33 percent expected to experience more than one or even many more during that time. According to another PwC survey (pdf), conducted in 2015–16 with more than 1,400 global CEOs, two-thirds believe that their businesses face more threats today than three years ago.

They are right to be worried. In 2015, cybercrime alone was estimated to cost businesses $375 billion, up from $3 billion in 2013. The 10-year average for insured and uninsured losses from natural catastrophes is $194 billion. This doesn’t take into account the costs of fraud, corruption, pandemics, labor disputes, or the many other types of crises that organizations may face today. Episodes like this don’t affect just a few “bad apples”; they have challenged every type of organization, including those with good reputations, highly loyal customers, and long track records of success.

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Recovery is not easy and it is even made more challenging when there is insufficient preparation for when these disasters come. Apart from human life, properties, and infrastructure, computers are also among the most vulnerable when disaster strikes. Water, in particular, is bad news for them such as in the case of hurricanes and flooding. For hard drives damaged by water, https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/hard-drive-gets-water-damaged-what-to-do/ can offer the support you need to overcome this issue without compromising all your valuable data and equally important hardware.

Fire is another element you don’t want to mess around with. All your years of hard work will turn to ash when a fire ravages your home or business. Check this link: https://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/disaster-recovery-and-recovering-fire-damaged-hard-drives/ to help you recover from a deadly disaster and likewise recover important files from your damaged hard drive.